The ArtCore Project

There’s a thin line between fine art and porn. The ArtCore project are nudes, fetish & erotica pushed to the limit. (or pornography that barely crossed that line…)

The ArtCore project will be published in a coffee-table book and shown as an exhibition upon publishing. All works from the book will be sold as originals (1/1) or limited editions (1/xx). During the time the project is running there will be online updates and previews, but the content of the book and exhibition will not be released before the publishing.

The previews and updates will present the models, show the work behind each shoot as well as what to expect of the final images.

Call for models (The ArtCore Project)

Confirmed locations for the shoots for this projects right now (June 2018) are Oslo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerpen and Athens. Shoots will be done during 2019/2020 and a release will probably be late 2020.




Lars Ulriksen

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