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Monochromes! (…stunning landscapes and the great outdoors)

Jul 7, 2017 | 0 comments

I’ve been working a lot with monochromes in the last few months. More than I usually do. The more I shoot in black and white, the more I love the honest, raw, and stripped back look. Colours can often be distracting and take the focus away from my subject and “the story” in the picture.

If I show you a picture of a red rose, what you’ll most likely notice, is the red colour as well as you’ll think of the symbolic value of the rose. The same picture in black and white will still show you a rose and give you those symbolic references, but you’ll be “forced” to see things like its texture, shape, form, and definition in another way.

In one way, I feel that “the story” in my pictures has become more important to me lately.  Not always stories, but questions, statements, etc. Monochrome is all about shape, form, texture, and lines. It’s about reducing a subject down to its form and tonal range and how light/shadows interact with the object. I feel like it is a clearer and more detailed way of communication with the viewer.

I think that monochrome suits almost any type of photography. Portraits, landscapes, street, architecture, etc. I’ve been taking up my nature and landscape photography again (I need to get some distance from the portraits and studioworks now and then…) and working with a series of monochrome landscapes. I love the challenge in describing nature and landscapes as well as the different seasons without the help of colours. It’s a completely different way of planning, composing and work with the picture for me. A different way of seeing the nature!

I love being out camping in the mountains, hunting landscapes and views, even if it sometimes get quite “un-comfy”.
The pictures above is from a few years back a friend of mine and I had to ride out a storm (50-55mph!) at Hardangervidda in Norway. Some gear disappeared during the night, the tent turned out to NOT withstand the max wind load as promised (new parts was shipped without questions from the manufacturer) and it was an GREAT experience!

Lesson learned: Find rocks to anchor your tent before! it gets dark and the skies open up. Hold on to every little thing you got, and enjoy the fact that you have nowhere to hide =) Spend some extra time and have TWO cups of coffee in the morning when it’s all over. Be thankful that mother nature just wanted to tell you to treat her with respect! =)

I’m going back up in the mountains in August/September!

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