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I must have been doing something right, right?

The feedback and interest are overwhelming!

Jul 15, 2017 | 0 comments

There is a lot going on! Publishing of my works, galleries waiting for my limited-edition art-prints, new models, moving back to Norway in September and of course getting a permanent studio to work from is just some of the things who needs my attention. The feedback on my pictures and the interest in my photography these days are overwhelming. Thank you!!!

Not all the feedback is the “good kind” though, but I have decided to make the best out of it! The shit-load who was thrown my way a few weeks back actually trigged a whole new list of contacts and opportunities for my work.

I was aware that waiving cocks in public (read: publishing a few uncensored cocks in my fine art photos) would get reactions.
I had no idea the length someone was willing to go to get my sites, profiles etc. banned and removed.
I’m neither banned or removed, instead I was discreet given an opportunity to work with porn if I ever decide to go outside the fine art genre. Before I know I was on the mailing lists and my work was seen by thousands. Photographers, models, go go’s, publishers, collectors, galleries, etc. A network of creative people and companies from both sides of the “thin line” who separate fine art and porn was given me “for free” =)

I have done some shoots the last few weeks that have taught me so much, and convinced me that I am able to pull off my ideas without crossing the “thin line”.  I have proven to myself that I can trust my own ideas =) Good feeling!

The shit-load also pointed out the commercial value and interest a project like the ones I am working on will generate. Since my projects do not generate an income yet, they are obvious choices to put on hold when I’m running out of time.

I guess my social life is about to take the hit from now on. I need more time and hours in the projects to establish sponsors and partners to get the projects up and running ASAP.

During the last year I have been in contacts with quite a few possible publishers, sponsors, and partners. Everything from clothing and underwear brands to companies who can provide locations for shoots etc. abroad. I guess it is time to make some promises and relations with great new partners and sponsors.

I’m getting closer…

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