Lars Ulriksen Photography

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Feedback, comments, likes and followers are always welcome and appreciated!

Lars Ulriksen Photography

Feedback, comments, likes and followers are always welcome and appreciated!

Featured from the portfolio...

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Creative collaborations!

My models have until recently been mostly friends, their friends and so on. None of them are professional models and all photoshoots are done TFP, low budget and just for the fun of it!

My networking is showing good results and I am starting to get e-mails and get contacted from models and mua’s who wants to be involved in my shoots and my creativity. Lucky me who got such a creative and good-looking network which is growing fast. I do a lot of shoots these days!

Lots of shoots and models have given me the chance to test and do everything from standard portraits to crazy costumes and fashion, semi-nudes, nudes, and erotica. New projects and collaborations are always fun! Creative collaborations often result in unexpected outcomes and I love it!

There is loads of planned shoots and fun stuff coming up in 2016/2017!

Wanna be a model?

I am always looking for models (male & female) for my works and projects.
If you are interested in TFP shoots and wants to collaborate with me, you can send me an e-mail at

Please note that this is NOT me offering you free photoshoots for your profile pictures. This is me looking for someone to be a part of my creative projects and shoots that might take you way outside your comfort zone.
It’s a role you are playing more than a portrait of who you are.

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